If you had infinite money, no job, and no responsibilities, what would you do…

austinOct 28, 2020, 8:50 PM

personally, i would make stuff, for the most part. old school nintendo games, tools for making those old school games, play music, make tools for making music…might even take up painting. any artistic endeavor would be fun.

i think i’d dedicate some portion of time to long term projects and some to short term, some sort of split, so i could pursue super ambitious, huge projects as well as the quick, satisfying wins of say, building a simple game over a weekend. hell, it might even turn into some sort of creative collective, that would be cool. but i’d be perfectly happy spending all my free time on neat little projects on the nintendo, electronics, music, etc.

that, and i would read a lot. i’d have the world’s largest library. not just a personal library either — i’d literally start the world’s largest library, with all of that money. do seminars and learning sessions…that could be fun. teach anyone who’s interested how stuff works, stuff like that.

at least, those are the first things that come to mind, if we’re talking “free time”. obviously with infinite money you could completely change the world…but beyond just feeding people and housing them and what have you, i don’t really have any interest in becoming the supreme world leader or anything 😛 so i guess the last thing i’d do is make sure everyone’s taken care of, assuming i have infinite resources here.

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