What Do You Think About a Price Increase for AAA Games?

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@wheeljack84Jeffrey Harris

Currently enrolled in Hacker Noon Blogging Fellowship.

Recently, the Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, released a statement that the next-gen version of the NBA 2K franchise is going to be priced at $70, and it appears a price hike is on the way for next-gen console games. Zelnick also stated his belief that fans are readyf or games to be $70.

Is now the right time for a price increase on games? Also, will a price increase prevent some of the practices that have been criticized by gamers, such as predatory monetization, loot boxes etc?

This Slack discussion by JeffreyHarris-HackerNoon, Jack Boreham, , Nicolas Ng and Limarc Ambalina occurred in slogging’s official #gaming channel, and has been edited for readability.


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