#StopAAPIHate: Asians of Hacker Noon Talk About Their Experiences With Racism

I think the best way is to get people to make bonds with people outside of their own culture. It’s a lot harder to be racist to an Asian, if you worked beside one for 20 years and said good morning every day to each other.

I used to love war films, until I came to Japan. In America, Hollywood glorifies the US as the heroes and the Japanese as the wild, brutal, enemy…the crazy people that do kamikaze maneuvers. After living here for 3 years, I can’t watch any film like that any more. Just thinking about it is enough to make me wanna cry. Because you meet these people, real people, and see the good and the bad in them and realize we’re all the same.

The struggle is creating that level of empathy in other people who can’t move to another country and don’t have a desire to learn new cultures.

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