Russia has created a new data transmission device with protection against cyber threats – E Hacking News

It is the first SD-WAN-class development that supports Russian encryption algorithms and is included in the Russian software registry.

Sberbank’s press service reports that the technology can allow state institutions and companies of any industry to build a corporate network in minutes, provide a stable connection to regional branches and home offices and protect the data transmitted between them. A single device replaces multiple types of network equipment and includes automatic use of various information security features.

The development consists of two parts: the hardware, which is installed in the offices of the enterprise, and the cloud, where the hardware is managed. The solution can reduce the cost of deploying and maintaining the network by about 2.5 times, as well as reduce the cost of personnel, local installation and manual configuration of each device separately.

“In fact, we have created a universal platform for organizations that combines many network devices at once, including information security tools. BI.ZONE Secure SD-WAN requires no special skills, any employee can connect it to the company’s network in a few minutes, and its cost is almost three times cheaper than traditional solutions. Thanks to the cryptographic protection the development is suitable for government agencies, banks and other organizations that work with confidential and personal data or payment information,” said Director of Managed Services Unit at BI.ZONE.

The new development is included in the register of Russian software, so it is suitable for organizations that adhere to the import substitution policy. Also, for some organizations, the opportunity to work on a service model with outsourcing of network security management tasks will be an advantage.

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