What Inspired us to Write About Games?

If contributing to gaming slogging discussions counts as writing about gaming, then allow me to answer!

Stories bring us together, and we are social creatures. Even the introverts among us want to have intimate social bonds (maybe just a few).

I joined in on the discussions because I feel like video games are a part of my identity, having played them since I was a kid. The games of my youth are burned into my memory glands, and I imagine we all want to re-experience their intense feels and bond with other like-minded folks. They either played the same games or would be open to re-discover the classic games from an era they missed out on. The stories, music and art in games are part of our planet’s collective culture, and I’d like to see these memes stay alive.

Since I missed the thread about under-appreciated games, I’ll say now that I have always thought that the ’90s Sierra series Quest for Glory was under-appreciated. It’s a fantastical stew of art, story, puzzles, characters, a sense of humor and a feeling of wild adventure. I want to see a resurgence of the screwball humor from those games. I think it comes from a bygone era that I’d love to see unearthed again. The second game features thinly-veiled cameos of all three Marx brother’s tucked in there. I am not sure if the whippersnappers know who they were, but I’d like to think the impressionable young folks today ( 😆 ) would find their timing and delivery top-notch … and timeless. Just like the creators of QFG did, so much so that they wanted to pay homage to them in their games and carry the torch. The puns alone will restore your faith in humanity!

If you love old pixel art and a mix of light-hearted humor, social commentary and introspection (the series gets darker as it goes along 😱 ), then you ought to check it out. It’s like going into a time machine. Plus, you’ll fulfil this old timer’s last wish. (Wat)

But yeah, it’s about connecting and spreading the love ❤, Right?

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