Google I/O: New Chrome feature can automatically fix compromised passwords

Google is launching a new feature in Chrome for Android that helps users fix passwords that may have been compromised in a breach. The feature relies on the search giant’s artificial intelligence Duplex system, which became part of Google Assistant. 

With this new feature, if Chrome detects a potentially compromised password, a “Change password” button will pop up from Assistant. When clicked, Chrome will navigate to the site with the compromised password and go through the entire process to change the password automatically. 

“Powered by Duplex on the Web, Assistant takes over the tedious parts of web browsing: scrolling, clicking and filling forms, and allows you to focus on what’s important to you,” said Patrick Nepper, senior product manager for Chrome. “And now we’re expanding these capabilities even further by letting you quickly create a strong password for certain sites and apps when Chrome determines your credentials have been leaked online.”

Google also announced an update to its password manager, including a new tool that imports passwords from third-party password managers, deeper integration between Chrome and Android and automatic password alerts when a password is compromised in a breach.

Google said automated password changes are rolling out gradually in Chrome on Android for users who sync their passwords. It’ll be available first in the US and only on select websites, but Google said it plans to expand the feature to more sites and more countries in the coming months.


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