Russian IT specialists have reliably protected the online voting system from hackers – E Hacking News

 Remote electronic voting, which will take place during the September elections in Russia, is reliably protected from hacker attacks. Kaspersky Lab expert Alexander Sazonov said this at a press conference on Friday.

The remote electronic voting system began to be developed in 2016 on the basis of blockchain technologies. According to the expert, the use of this type of voting has more than doubled from 2019 to 2020.

“If in previous years users were cautious about the remote e-voting system, in 2020 the share of actual votes has increased significantly. According to our statistics, almost 50% of the voting participants in 2020 are educational institutions,” Sazonov noted.

According to the expert, there are no absolutely secure systems: “But we use the most advanced means of protection in our systems, which reduce the effectiveness of such attacks and impacts to a minimum. Therefore, the systems can be considered quite secure for the purposes of voting at the highest level.”

Sazonov noted that the developers are focused on making it “impossible to fake the vote and influence the process of counting these votes.” “It is important to provide intermediate concealment of the results so that during the voting process it is not known which candidate wins or which party wins. It is necessary to ensure the anonymity of votes so that it would not be possible to match a particular vote with a particular voter,” he stressed.

According to experts’ forecasts, about two million Russians will take part in Remote electronic voting in the coming autumn.

Recall that the Russian State Duma adopted a law on remote voting in May 2020. The pandemic of coronavirus infection served as a kind of trigger for the introduction of remote voting. 

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