Dell adds new security features and automation to ProSupport Suite

Dell has added new features to its ProSupport Suite for PCs that offer users new endpoint security offerings and enhance their line of commercial PCs. 

The ProSupport Suite for PCs allows IT teams to customize and automate how they manage employee devices, which has become increasingly important as companies continue to invest heavily in remote work.

Dell’s updates include new catalog management and deployment capabilities while also giving IT managers the ability to update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications automatically and remotely. IT teams can also customize how the updates are grouped. 

The new tools also provide IT teams with a centralized platform to see their entire Dell PC fleet and monitor each device’s health, application experience, and security scores. Dell will also be offering a AI-powered services support software to provide suggestions based on performance trends. 

The new ProSupport Suite for PCs capabilities will be available to customers by October 19, and the Advanced Secure Component Verification is available now for US customers. The Intel ME Verification and Dell Trusted Device SIEM Integration is also available to all customers in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific-Japan region. 

Doug Schmitt, president of Services at Dell Technologies, said the company prioritised the updates because IT operations have become significantly more complicated, especially with the amount of data and opportunities at the edge. 

“Our approach to IT services is built on an AI-driven, adaptive, always-on foundation, taking today’s realities and future customer needs into consideration,” Schmitt said. 

“At the end of the day, the new capabilities are about helping IT leaders see ahead and stay ahead while providing workforces around the world the ability to continue collaborating and innovating without disruption.”

The company also unveiled the Dell Trusted Devices security portfolio to protect commercial PCs throughout the entire supply chain and device lifecycle. 

“This comprehensive suite of above- and below- the operating system (OS) security solutions leverage intelligence and help empower businesses to prevent, detect and respond to threats with improved mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) of issues,” Dell explained. 

Dell is adding Advanced Secure Component Verification for PCs that helps customers make sure Dell PCs and key components arrive as they were ordered and built. The Intel Management Engine Verification checks critical system firmware and looks for evidence of tampering, targeting boot processes. 

IT teams will also have more critical visibility below the OS security events in dashboards offered through the new Dell Trusted Device Security Information and Event Management Integration.

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