OpenSSF Bags $10 Million Investment

The Linux Foundation has secured a new $10 million investment that will help  expand and support the Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF).

The funding will help OpenSSF focus on identifying and addressing security vulnerabilities in open source software, thus securing the software supply chain. The foundation is also working on the development of best practices, tooling, training, and vulnerability disclosure practices.

OpenSSF received financial help from tech giants such as Amazon, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Oracle. Other organizations committed to helping the cross-industry collaboration include Aiven, Cybertrust Japan, Deepfence, DTCC, GitLab, Tencent, and Wind River, among others.

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“This pan-industry commitment is answering the call from the White House to raise the baseline for our collective cybersecurity wellbeing, as well as ‘paying it forward’ to open source communities to help them create secure software from which we all benefit,” Jim Zemlin, executive director at the Linux Foundation, said in a statement announcing the investment.

In addition to the funding, OpenSSF announced that open source luminary Brian Behlendorf will serve as its General Manager.

OpenSSF is home to projects such as Scorecards and Best Practices Badge, but is also involved in the development of security policies, a security framework for the software supply chain, training initiatives, vulnerability disclosures, security reviews, and research.

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