U.S. Gov Announces Support for ‘Paris Call’ Cybersecurity Effort

United States Vice President Kamala Harris on Wednesday formally announced support for the Paris Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace, an international collaborative initiative aimed at advancing cybersecurity.

Issued in 2018, the Paris Call details nine principles to improve stability in cyberspace through global collaboration, and has been already signed by 79 countries.

The principles promoted by the Call include:

  • Protecting individuals and infrastructure
  • Protecting against activity that affects the availability of the Internet
  • Protecting the electoral process
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Preventing the proliferation of malware and nefarious practices
  • Improving the security of digital processes, products and services
  • Strengthening an advanced cyber hygiene
  • Preventing non-state actors from hacking back
  • Promoting international norms in cyberspace

Through supporting the Call, the United States said it will commit to advancing cybersecurity and preserving an open and reliable Internet.

Vice President Harris said the U.S. will work with France and other countries, as well as with private companies and civil society globally to promote responsible behavior in cyberspace.

“This includes working with like minded countries to attribute and hold accountable States that engage in destructive, disruptive, and destabilizing cyber activity,” according to a White House statement.

The decision to support the Call falls in line with the U.S. government’s current effort to improve cybersecurity for both individuals and businesses and to accelerate international cooperation to combat cybercrime.

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Ionut Arghire is an international correspondent for SecurityWeek.

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