Kaspersky Launches New Service for Removing Malicious Domains

Cybersecurity solutions provider Kaspersky this week announced the launch of a new service to help organizations take action against malicious websites.

With the new Takedown Service, organizations essentially delegate Kaspersky to manage the process of eliminating phishing and other malicious domains that may target their brands.

According to Kaspersky, because it has global reach, the new paid service can help dispose of a malicious website regardless of where it is located.

The security company, which blocks over 15,000 phishing/scam URLs each day, says it has the necessary experience in the analysis of malicious and phishing domains to collect evidence and manage takedowns on behalf of its customers.

“Cybercriminals create malicious and phishing domains which are used to attack your company and your brands. The inability to quickly mitigate these threats, once identified, can lead to a loss of revenue, brand damage, loss of customer trust, data leaks, and more,” the company notes.

Organizations can submit takedown requests via Kaspersky Company Account. Next, Kaspersky will gather the necessary evidence – including a copy of the site along with screenshots and traffic dumps – and will contact the relevant authority (CERT, registrar) that can legally take down the domain.

At the same time, Kaspersky will keep the customer notified of every step of the process, until the malicious site has been successfully eliminated.

Kaspersky’s Takedown Service is available for purchase as an independent offer, but is also included within Digital Footprint Intelligence (DFI) subscriptions.

“Just like the other Kaspersky TI products, this service combines our experience to fulfill actual customers’ needs and reduce the burden on their cybersecurity departments, allowing in-house specialists to focus on higher priority goals,” Vladimir Kuskov, head of Threat Exploration at Kaspersky.

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