1Password Increases Top Bug Bounty Reward to $1 Million

Password management software vendor 1Password today announced that it is willing to pay up to $1 million to researchers able to steal secrets from its vault.

The top reward is offered as part of the company’s bug bounty program that has been running on Bugcrowd for years.

Since 2017, the top reward offered through the bug bounty program has been $100,000. Despite hundreds of attempts, however, no researcher has claimed it so far.

Over the past four years, 1Password paid out $103,000 in bug bounty rewards to participating researchers. To date, a total of 115 payouts were handed out via Bugcrowd, at an average of $900 per reward, but only for minor vulnerabilities.

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The newly announced $1 million reward is expected to attract more researchers to the bug bounty program and help 1Password further improve the security of its products.

Researchers looking to earn the $1 million reward need to break into a white box testing account to retrieve a flag – a note that contains bad poetry.

“There are no known vulnerabilities that will award you access to the bad poetry; there is no starting point, and it’s not a game with a guaranteed reward. Phishing, malware, and anything that involves tricking or compromising a 1Password member’s account are not allowed,” the company says.

The company is willing to answer general questions regarding its bug bounty program and also offers a special tool to help researchers investigate 1Password.com requests and responses, but won’t provide direct assistance to help with capturing the flag.

Bug bounties of $1 million or more have also been offered by Google, Apple and several cryptocurrency companies.

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