Google Issues Emergency Fix for Chrome Zero-Day

Google has issued an emergency security update for Chrome 99 to resolve a vulnerability for which a public exploit already exists. 

Tracked as CVE-2022-1096 and considered high-severity, the security hole is described as a Type Confusion bug in the V8 JavaScript and WebAssembly engine. 

The internet search giant says the bug was reported by an anonymous researcher, and the company has yet to determine the bug bounty amount for this issue. 

“Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2022-1096 exists in the wild,” the company notes in its advisory, without providing further details on the vulnerability itself or on the observed exploitation.

A patch for this flaw has been included in Chrome 99.0.4844.84, which is now rolling out for Windows, Mac and Linux users. 

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CVE-2022-1096 is the second Chrome zero-day that Google has addressed this year.

Tracked as CVE-2022-0609 and resolved in February, the first Chrome zero-day has been exploited by at least two North Korean threat actors to target hundreds of individuals and news media organizations, domain registrars, software vendors, and web hosting providers.

“We suspect that these groups work for the same entity with a shared supply chain, hence the use of the same exploit kit,” Google said earlier this week. 

Shortly after Google released Chrome 99.0.4844.84, Microsoft announced that it has updated its Chromium-based Edge browser to version 99.0.1150.55, to resolve CVE-2022-1096. 

Chrome and Edge users are advised to apply the available patches as soon as possible. 

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