Access Bypass, Data Overwrite Vulnerabilities Patched in Drupal

Drupal on Wednesday announced the release of security updates to resolve a couple vulnerabilities that could lead to access bypass and data overwrite.

The first of the bugs fixed with the latest iterations of the open source content management system (CMS) is an access bypass issue that exists because of an improperly implemented generic entity access API for entity revisions.

“This API was not completely integrated with existing permissions, resulting in some possible access bypass for users who have access to use revisions of content generally, but who do not have access to individual items of node and media content,” Drupal explains.

The vulnerability impacts Drupal 9.3 versions only, and solely affects sites where Drupal’s revision system is in use.

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The second issue was identified in the Drupal core’s form API and is described as an improper input validation in certain contributed or custom modules’ forms.

Due to this security hole, an attacker could inject disallowed values or overwrite data. The affected forms are uncommon, but Drupal notes that, in certain cases, the flaws could allow an attacker to modify critical or sensitive data.

“We do not know of affected forms within core itself, but contributed and custom project forms could be affected,” Drupal says.

Both of these vulnerabilities are rated “moderately critical” and users are advised to update to a patched version as soon as possible.

The bugs were resolved with the release of Drupal 9.3.12 and Drupal 9.2.18. Drupal 9 versions prior to 9.2.x and Drupal 8 have reached end-of-life (EOL) status and will not be updated. Drupal 7 is not impacted.

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